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The major risk factor for cancer is age and with the aging of the world population, a major epidemiologic challenge is before us. No country, rich or poor, no gender, women or men, are immune to cancer.

The goal of SIOG is to foster the development of health professionals in the field of geriatric oncology, to increase public awareness, to improve research, to address the shortage of geriatric oncology specialists, to disseminate knowledge and to increase the relevance of clinical trials for older patients.

SIOG must increase public and political awareness of the worldwide cancer in the elderly epidemic and the need for a specific approach to address the problem by engaging with political institutions, international organizations, advocacy networks... and by participating in international advocacy activities.

As the legitimate global voice for geriatric oncology SIOG is partnering with ECCO and UICC to promote geriatric oncology in global health and development agendas.

  • SIOG: A member of ECCO to contribute to the consensus of European oncology professionals and to engage with policy-makers to ensure that cancer stays at the top of the EU agenda.
  • SIOG: A member of the UICC to put cancer on the global health and development of agendas
  • SIOG: supports the World Cancer Declaration and participates actively each year in the World Cancer Day advocacy campaign
  • SIOG: supports the UN resolution on NCDs issued at the May 2013 World Health Assembly with a letter of support to the Swiss Federal health department engaging them in putting cancer and geriatrics on the Swiss global health agenda. PDF icon2013.06_letter of support to the Swiss Federal health department.pdf