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The SIOG 2016 National Representative of the year was given to Lore Decoster (BE)

Dr Lore Decoster graduated from Medical School at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Brussels, Belgium in 2002. She subsequently started training in internal medicine during which she spent one year in different geriatric wards in Belgium. It was during this period that she became interested in older patients with cancer.

She received a recognition as medical oncologist in 2008 and since then she is a staff member at the oncology department at the University Hospital Brussel (UZ Brussel), Brussels, Belgium. Her main research interests are lung cancer, breast cancer, gynaecological cancers and geriatric oncology.

Since 2008 she has been focussing on geriatric oncology implementing geriatric assessment in daily practice at the UZ Brussel and performing research in older patients with cancer. Together with the teams from the UZ Leuven and the UCL, dr Decoster was a member of the scientific team coordinating the National Cancer Plan on geriatric oncology from 2011-2015.  Her main goal currently is educating young medical oncologists and geriatricians in geriatric oncology.

Since 2014 dr Decoster is the National Representative for Belgium in SIOG.