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There are six permanent committees within the SIOG governance.

Fellowship, Nominating and Award Committee

It shall be responsible for the selection of the candidates for the elections of President-Elect and other members of the Board of Directors. This Committee shall also be responsible for the nominations for SIOG Fellowships and for the different SIOG Awardees.

Chair: Etienne Brain (France)
Stuart Lichtman (USA)
Hans Wildiers (Belgium)
Matti Aapro (Switzerland)
Gouri Shankar Bhattacharyya (India)

Membership and National Representative Committee

It shall be responsible for the coordination and the supervision of all aspects of membership of the Society including recruitment of new members, retention of members, members’ benefits, recruitment drives and special offers and types of memberships. This Committee shall also be responsible for all National Representatives activities, roles & responsibilities and their nominations.

Chair: Kwok-Leung Cheung (UK)
Jee Hyun Kim (Korea)
Demetrios Kardamakis (Greece)
Yakir Rottenberg (Israel)

Science and Education Committee

The function of this committee is to contribute to the advancement of science in Geriatric Oncology. It shall be responsible for the educational activities of the Society, such as Continuous Medical Education, SIOG Courses, etc. The Committee is solely responsible for granting SIOG label/auspices to national or international educational events.

Chair: Tanya Wildes (USA) 
Laura Biganzoli (Italy)
Philippe Caillet (France)
Lore Decoster (Belgium)
Holly Holmes (USA)
Tina Hsu (USA) - Liaison with Young SIOG Interest Group
Michael Jaklitsch (USA)
Herve Le Caer (France)
Demetris Papamichael (Cyprus)

Publications Committee

It shall oversee all publications of the Society, including the official journal and electronic (web) publications. It coordinates and supervises the aims, targets, and scope of the various scientific and educational publications. The Committee is also responsible for nominating one or more candidates for the position of editor-in-chief of the journal of SIOG.

Chair: Gouri Shankar Bhattacharyya (India)
Co-chair: Olivier Mir (France)
Vicki Morrison (USA)

Corporate Relations Committee

It shall be responsible for all corporate & industry relations of the Society (including fundraising) and in particular linked to the SIOG annual conference. It shall also ensure that corporate activities at SIOG conferences and the investment of industry in other SIOG ventures are in the best interests of the Society. The committee will review and approve potential, new or alternative revenue generating opportunities with a view of protecting the financial well-being and integrity of the Society. It will also be the arena wherein matters concerning industry such as changes in industry regulations, future collaborations and long terms initiatives involving industry should be discussed.

Chair: Matti Aapro (Switzerland) 
Etienne Brain (France)
Stuart Lichtman (USA)
Hans Wildiers (Belgium)