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Corticosteroids and cancer treatments in older patients

Background & Scientific Rationale

Corticosteroids are frequently used in oncology. They are part of several treatments for haematological malignancies, they are needed as premedication to avoid allergic reactions related for example to classic taxanes, they increase the efficacy of antiemetic agents, and they are used in palliative settings. Yet their use can decompensate diabetes, lead to undesired weight gain, increase the risk of osteoporosis and decrease immune reactions. It is thus important to review the presently available data that allows in many instances to decrease or abolish the use of corticosteroids in elderly patients, who are at risk for the mentioned side-effects

Task force members

Rupert Bartsch (Austria) - CHAIR

Daniel Aletaha (Austria)
Bernadette Aretin (Austria)
Luigi Celio (Italy)
Chantal Csajka (Switzerland)
Thorsten Fuereder (Austria)
François Jornayvaz (Switzerland)
Pierre-Olivier Lang (Switzerland)

This project is supported by an unrestricted grant from Celgene.