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As a medical oncologist, a geriatrician or an allied health professional dealing with older patients with cancer, you know that you need to maintain up-to-date knowledge, skills, and competencies. SIOG mission is "to improve the care of older patients with cancer around the world" and to ensure that we support the highest standards of care by providing specialized comprehensive scientific information and rigorous continuing education.

With SIOG multi-disciplinary faculty of over 300 geriatric oncology experts covering numerous cancer-related areas, our respected journal, the Journal of Geriatric Oncology, and our collaboration with highly and well-known cancer educational organizations ,SIOG ’s scientific and educational resources give you the tools you need to stay informed.

Our constantly updated scientific resources cover the full spectrum of relevant topics. SIOG education handbooks on geriatric oncology and online e-learning modules are tailored closely to the needs of our community. Geriatric Oncology is a multidisciplinary approach that is fast developing. SIOG is here to support you in your daily practice.