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Anita O'Donovan & Anne Horgan

Ireland has two National Representatives: Anita O'Donovan and Anne Horgan.

Anita O'Donovan

Anita O'Donovan graduated with a BSc in Radiation Therapy from Trinity College Dublin (TCD) in 2002. She joined the Discipline of Radiation Therapy at TCD in 2011, as Assistant Professor, having previously worked in both clinical and research positions as a radiation therapist in Saint Luke’s Hospital, Dublin and Cork University Hospital. Her main research interest is geriatric oncology, more specifically geriatric assessment, education of oncology professionals, and the application of these measures in clinical practice.  As a starting point, Anita has conducted an international Delphi consensus study on geriatric assessment in Oncology, in close collaboration with Dr Supriya Mohile, geriatric oncologist, at the University of Rochester, who has undertaken a similar study from a US perspective.

Anita sits on the TCD Ageing Theme Steering Committee, led by Professor Rose Anne Kenny, representing the theme “Cancer and Ageing”.  One of the main aims of this research centre is to optimise opportunities for collaborative research between different disciplines. Ageing research is a main focus of TCD’s strategic plan, and is one of the major themes prioritised by the college. 

Anita has a keen interest in older patient advocacy and incorporating “service learning” principles into her teaching, promoting intergenerational solidarity and the adoption of positive attitudes towards older people by future healthcare professionals.  She is also involved in educational outreach for older people through liaison with Age Action Ireland.

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IGO Meeting 2016 - Report

After the success of the inaugural 2015 meeting, the 2nd Irish Geriatric Oncology Meeting was held on 9th April 2016 in Dublin with over 100 delegates registered at this year’s meeting. This meeting was organised by a team of specialists, led by Dr. Anne Horgan, Consultant Medical Oncologist at University Hospital Waterford and SIOG National Representative for Ireland.  The programme committee for this year’s meeting included Anita O’Donovan, current Chair of the Membership and National Representative committee, Dr. George Pope, Dr. Miriam O’Connor, and Dr. Pat Barry. Read more

Anne Horgan