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Young SIOG Leadership

Nienke de Glas (Netherlands) -- Chair

Nienke de Glas (1987) is a Medical Doctor and an epidemiologist in training. Currently, she is working as a PhD-student at the department of surgery of Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, under supervision of prof. dr. C.J.H. van de Velde, dr. G.J. Liefers and dr. J.E.A. Portielje. Her research focuses on improving breast cancer care in older women. She has presented her work at several Dutch and international conferences such as the annual meetings of the International Society for Geriatric Oncology (SIOG), ECCO, and the EBCC. Also, she is coordinator of the prospective, observational, multicenter “Climb Every Mountain Study”, which investigated functional decline and quality of life after breast cancer treatment of older patients. In 2013, Nienke coinitiated the Young SIOG working group, of which she is now co-chair.

Nicolò Matteo Luca Battisti (Italy) -- Vice-Chair

Nicolò Matteo Luca Battisti (1984) is a medical oncologist who concluded his training in Italy in 2015. Currently, he is working as a Clinical Fellow at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust of London, UK, under the supervision of Dr. Alistair Ring. He has been focusing on geriatric oncology since he was a medical student and he gained his Specialization/PhD in Medical Oncology at the University of Milan, Italy. He spent the last part of his training under the supervision of Dr. Martine Extermann in the Senior Adult Oncology Program of the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute of Tampa, FL, USA, where he developed a protocol assessing the external validity of two major guidelines for the management of NSCLC in a population of older patients. His research focuses mainly on tools to screen elderly cancer patients for frailty and disabilities and to predict the risk for chemotherapy toxicity and on assessing the validity of the current evidence base for the management of cancer in this specific setting. He has presented his work in various national and international conferences. He joined SIOG in 2013 and he is currently Vice-chair of the Young SIOG Interest Group.

Capucine Baldini (France) -- Member

Capucine Baldini (1983) is a medical oncologist working both at the CHRU and Centre Oscar Lambret in Lille, France. She is working in the GI, Breast and GU cancers and specialised in the elderly. During her years as an assistant professor in the medical oncology unit she worked closely with geriatricians to develop clinical trials in the elderly and praticed comprehensive geriatric assessments. She is willing to improve elderly cancer patients care and specialised in this field in the future.

Mandy Kiderlen (Netherlands) -- Member

Mandy Kiderlen (1986) is a PhD-student at the department of surgery of the Leiden University Medical Center. Under supervision of prof. Cornelis van de Velde and dr. Gerrit-Jan Liefers, her research projects involves the treatment and prognosis of older women with breast cancer. Within the FOCUS (Female breast cancer in the elderly; Optimizing Clinical guidelines USing clinico-pathological & molecular data) project, which is funded by the Dutch Cancer Society, she and her colleagues published and presented several parts of her future thesis in international journals and conferences (SIOG, ECCO). She graduated from medical school in Leiden in 2011. Besides her research projects, she is an epidemiologist in training.

Melissa Loh (Malaysia & USA) -- Member

Melissa Loh is currrently pursuing a fellowship in combined geriatrics and hematology/oncology at University of Rochester/Strong Memorial Hospital in the USA. She graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland with dual degrees in Bachelor of Medical Science and Medicine. She then underwent her residency training at Baystate Medical Center/Tufts University School of Medicine. She is currently working with her mentor, Dr. Supriya Mohile in multiple geriatric oncology-related projects.  She has experience in outcomes research, survey and retrospective studies. Her research interest includes cancer treatments and decision-making process, polypharmacy, antipsychotics use in the elderly, use of critical care therapies and use of information technology in cancer care coordination. She hopes to become a future clinician, researcher and educator.

Enrique Soto Perez de Celis (Mexico & USA) -- Member

Enrique Soto Perez de Celis is a medical oncologist working at the National Institute of Medical Science and Nutrition in Mexico City, where he leads the Cancer Care in the Elderly Clinic, the first multidisciplinary Geriatric Oncology clinic in Mexico. He is a former recipient of a Young Investigator Award and a Long Term International Fellowship from the Conquer Cancer Foundation of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). He trained in Geriatric Oncology research under the mentorship of Dr. Arti Hurria in the Cancer and Aging Research Program at City of Hope National Medical Center in the United States. His research focuses on the use of mobile technology to monitor older adults with cancer receiving chemotherapy and on global disparities in cancer care. He is the national representative of Mexico in SIOG, a member of the Cancer and Aging Research Group (CARG) and a recently appointed member of the Professional Development Committee of ASCO. His goal is to foster the development of Geriatric Oncology in low and middle income countries by supporting young investigators.