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There are four permanent and five ad-hoc committees within the SIOG governance.

Fellowship and Awards Committee

The SIOG Fellowship and Awards Committee is responsible for the screening and shortlisting of the nominations for SIOG Fellowships and for the SIOG Awards (Paul Calabresi Award and National Representative of the Year Award). It provides guidance to the Board of Directors by submitting its recommendations for the selection of new recipients of the SIOG Fellowships and Awards. 

Chair: Johanna Portielje (NL)
Riccardo Audisio (Sweden)
Esther Bastiaannet (Netherlands)
Janine Capobiango Martins (Brazil) - Liaison with Young SIOG Interest Group
Grace Lu-Yao (US)
Shane O'Hanlon (Ireland)
Sophie Pilleron (UK) - Liaison with the SIOG NAH Interest Group
Pierre Soubeyran (France)

Membership and National Representatives Committee

The SIOG Membership and National Representatives Committee is responsible for the coordination of the National Representatives nominations, activities, roles and responsibilities including recruitment of SIOG members, retention and special offers.

Chair: Raul Cordoba (Spain)
Co-Chair: Kwok-Leung Cheung (UK)
Wendy Chan (Hong Kong, SAR China)
Theodora Karnakis (Brazil)
Demetris Papamichael (Cyprus)

Science and Education Committee

The SIOG Science and Education Committee is responsible to contribute the advancement of science in Geriatric Oncology. It is also responsible for granting SIOG label/auspices to national or international educational events. Additionally it is responsible for the educational activities of the Association, such as Continuous Medical Education, SIOG Courses, etc.

Co-Chair: Laura Biganzoli (IT)
Co-Chair: Lore Decoster (Belgium)
Valentine Goede (Germany)
Fabio Gomes (UK) - Liaison with Young SIOG Interest Group
Kristen Haase (Canada) - Liaison with the SIOG NAH Interest Group
Holly Holmes (USA)
Michael Jaklitsch (USA)
Anita O'Donovan (Ireland)
Enrique Soto Perez de Célis (Mexico)

Publication Committee

The SIOG Publication Committee oversees all publications of the Association and electronic (web) publications. It coordinates and supervises the aims, targets, and scope of the various scientific and educational publications; and liaises with the Journal of Geriatric Oncology (JGO).

Chair: Beatriz Korc-Grodzicki (US)
Andrew Chapman (US)
Divyanshu Dua (Australia)
Michelle Hannan (IE) - Liaison with the SIOG NAH Interest Group
Jessica Krok-Schoen (US) - Liaison with Young SIOG Interest Group
Stuart Lichtman (US)
Supriya Mohile (US)
Janice Tsang (Hong Kong, SAR China)

Corporate Relations ad-hoc Committee

The SIOG Corporate Relations ad-hoc Committee is responsible for all corporate & industry relations of the Association (including fundraising) and in particular linked to the SIOG annual conference and other educational events. It ensures that corporate activities at SIOG conferences and the investment of industry in other SIOG ventures are in the best interests of the Association. The committee reviews and approves potential, new or alternative revenue generating opportunities with a view of protecting the financial well-being and integrity of the Association. It is also the platform wherein matters concerning industry such as changes in industry regulations, future collaborations and long terms initiatives involving industry are discussed.

Chair: Etienne Brain (France)
Matti Aapro (Switzerland)
Stuart Lichtman (USA)
Hans Wildiers (Belgium)

Surgical ad-hoc Committee

The SIOG Surgical ad-hoc Committee (SAHC) is an integral part of the SIOG as is surgery an integral part of treatment of senior adults affected by solid malignancies.  As surgery is always evolving so is the SAHC, that is constantly looking for and welcoming new members who share the passion for the care of older patients. <More info>

Chair: Isacco Montroni (Italy)
Co-Chair: Nicole Saur (USA)
Paola Aceto (Italy)
Riccardo Audisio (Sweden)
Tyler Chesney (USA)
Kwok-Leung Cheung (UK)
Erin Dean (Canada)
Nicola de’ Liguori-Carino (UK)
Federico Ghignone (Italy)
Monique Huisman (Netherlands)
Michael Jaklitsch (USA)
Jakub Kenig (Poland)
Valery Nekoval (Russian Federation)
Siri Rostoft (Norway)
Armin Shahrokni (USA)
Ponnandai Somasundar (USA)
Binafsha Manzoor Syed (Pakistan)
Giampaolo Ugolino (Italy)
Barbara van Leeuwen (Netherlands)
Tan Kok Yang (Singapore)


Geriatricians ad-hoc Committee

The SIOG Geriatrics ad-hoc Committee is for geriatricians who are interested in geriatric oncology, and who seek a forum of fellow geriatricians to share ideas and experiences in clinical practice and research. The committee is also a resource for SIOG to involve dedicated geriatricians in projects and conferences. <More info>

Co-Chairs: Siri Rostoft (Norway) & Marije Hamaker (Netherlands)


Social Media ad-hoc Committee

The SIOG Social Media ad-hoc Committee shall maintain the Twitter channel of SIOG. It will work in conjunction with the SIOG Secretariat to promote the value of SIOG Membership and to support the efforts of the SIOG activities.

William Dale (US)

Raul Cordoba (Spain)
Kristen Haase (Canada) - Liaison with the SIOG NAH Interest Group
Gabor Liposits (Denmark) - Liaison with the Young SIOG Interest Group
Enrique Soto (Mexico)
Christopher Steer (Australia)
Ishwaria Subbiah (US)


Nominating ad-hoc Committee

The SIOG Nominating ad-hoc Committee is responsible for the selection and presentation to the General Assembly of the candidates for the elections of President-Elect and other members of the Board of Directors (Treasurer, Chairperson of any other permanent committees, and interest groups as well as Member at large). Its members are invited every two years by the SIOG Secretariat and composed of a representative from the SIOG Nursing and Allied Health Interest Group, the young SIOG Interest Group and five (5) SIOG members each from North America, Asia/Asia Pacific, Europe, Eastern Mediterranean and Latin America.

Members for 2020:
Nienke de Glas (Netherlands)
Vasco Fonseca (Portugal)
Francine Gaba (Canada)
Yervand Hakobyan (Armenia)
Jee-Hyun Kim (South Korea)
Carolina Pérez Agüero (Peru)
Heike Schmidt (Germany)