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As of Spring 2021, there is still considerable uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. The increasing risk assessment regarding the spread of the COVID-19 and its variants, vaccination roll-out and the travel restrictions are all impacting the ability of many to anticipate travel to Switzerland for participation at the SIOG Annual Conference in Geneva.

Taking into account the evolving public health situation locally, regionally and globally - including all health and travel-related recommendations and restrictions put in place by the appropriate health and government authorities, the SIOG Board has decided to host the SIOG 2021 conference online in November 4-5, 2021.

Join us from the comfort of your home/office!

Here are a few highlights of the SIOG 2021 Virtual Annual Conference you will receive as part of your registration:

  • Educational and informative virtual workshops and sessions with a variety of scientifically engaging discussions
  • Virtual networking with your peers, and SIOG leadership
  • General sessions with important updates from the SIOG Governance
  • Networking lounge to connect with friends and meet new friends

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to make the SIOG 2021 Virtual Annual Conference a stimulating and engaging event.

SIOG 2021 Virtual Annual Conference brings together professionals from around the world to discuss and debate the latest science and research in geriatric oncology. Abstracts and cases are an important component of the scientific programme of this conference and a vehicle to share new research results and findings. 

The abstract submission is NOW  closed.

For any further queries or technical support contact the abstract registration team via

Experts in geriatric oncology and allied health disciplines, who would like to present their work at the Conference as a e-poster, are invited to submit an abstract for consideration by the Scientific Programme Committee. Please read carefully all the instructions available on this page and on the online abstract submission system before preparing your abstract.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • All abstracts must be written in English.
  • Abstracts can only be submitted online through the conference website.
  • Graphs and images are allowed.
  • Define all abbreviations and concepts in your abstract at first use.
  • Always make sure to check the final abstract with the system's preview function before submission, and edit or replace as necessary. It is the author's responsibility to submit a correct abstract. Any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific fact will be reproduced as typed by the author.
  • The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract before submission of the abstract.

With the submission of an abstract to SIOG 2021 Virtual Annual Conference, the first author (presenting author):

  • Accepts responsibility for the accuracy of the submitted abstract.
  • Confirms that all authors are aware of and agree to the content of the abstract and support the data presented.
  • Warrants that the data and conclusions presented in the abstract have not been published in the same format and with the same title prior to the date of the conference.
  • Identifies any financial interest in products or processes described in the abstract. This information is to be forwarded to the Scientific Committee together with the abstract.
  • States that, for studies involving human or animal subjects, permission has been obtained from the relevant regulatory authority and properly informed consent given where appropriate.
  • Gives permission for the abstract, when selected for presentation (oral or poster), to be published online by SIOG on the conference website. SIOG is not publishing abstracts in any Journal Supplement for this conference.

A main topic that is relevant for your abstract must be selected during the submission process. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to change the track during the abstract assessment process.

The submitter has to select the right topic for the abstract on the submission form. Available main topics are:

Track 1: Geriatric assessment
Track 2: Haem malignancies and basic science
Track 3: Solid tumors and basic science
Track 4: Supportive and palliative care
Track 5: Other

You are submitting your abstract for poster presentation. The best abstract(s) of each track will be given the opportunity to present their work within a dedicated session of the scientific programme. As there will be no editing process on the abstracts, the authors are required to avoid any typing errors, disordering of the authors, wrong spelling/writing about the institutions, etc.

In order to be considered, an abstract should respect the following guidelines:
Abstract text should not exceed 300 words. The title of the abstract, authors' names, institutions and key words are not included in this limit.

  • Abstract texts should be consisting of four sections: Introduction; Objectives; Methods; Results and Conclusion.
  • When finished with the online submission, please click the “FINAL SUBMISSION” button for the final submission of the abstract. As a confirmation of your submission, a message will appear on the screen informing you the abstract has been successfully submitted to our database.
  • If you need to edit your abstract at a later stage please click “SAVE AND CLOSE”. This button allows you to update your abstract before final submission.
  • After clicking “SAVE AND CLOSE”, your abstract is NOT yet submitted. You need to return to the abstract submission page, finalise your abstract and click “FINAL SUBMISSION”. If you have not FINAL SUBMITTED your abstract by the deadline of 31st August2021 your abstract can not be accepted.
  • Within 24 hours of submission, only the presenting author will receive a confirmation by email. This confirmation of abstract submission does not mean your abstract has been selected for presentation.
  • If you do not receive any confirmation, please contact within one week following the submission of the abstract.
  • Submitting an abstract for the SIOG 2021 Virtual Annual Conference does not constitute registration for the conference. Abstract presenters must register to attend SIOG 2021 Virtual Annual Conference by following the instructions for registration on the SIOG 2021 Virtual Annual Conference website.

For questions regarding the online submission process, please contact:
Only abstracts submitted online can be accepted. Abstracts submitted on paper or as email attachment will unfortunately not be considered.

Review of Abstracts

  • All abstracts will be reviewed / blinded by three different reviewers
  • Abstract will be reviewed by experts in the field of the submission topic you have selected
  • Review the process will be done electronically
  •  The reviewers will judge the abstracts according to the relevance to SIOG, standard of English, objectivity of statements, description of what was done, suitability of methods to aims, conclusions confirmed by objective results, ethics, scientific value, potential clinical value, originality of work and overall impression.
  • You are submitting your abstract for poster presentation. The best abstract(s) of each track will be given the opportunity to present their work within a dedicated session of the scientific programme.

Presentation of Abstracts

  • If your abstract is accepted as a eposter, you will have the possibility to record an audio file to present your work.
  • Delegates will have the opportunity to send you emails should they want more details on your eposter.
  • The size and format of the e-poster will be sent to you in your notification letter. 

Registration fees

* SIOG Member Delegates must submit their membership number during the registration process.
** Trainees' ID card must be submitted during the registration process.

Dates: November 4-5, 2021

Registration fee for all conference registrations categories includes:

  • Access to the virtual platform and on-demand sessions up to 3 months after the event date.
  • Access to the virtual exhibition area and poster sessions

Please note that each participant must complete a separate registration form

Discounted membership rates apply to individuals who are active members of the International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG).

Confirmation of Registration

A final confirmation of your registration will be sent to the indicated email address once your payment has been received.

2 days before the Virtual Conference you will receive an email including updated information on the programmev as well as your individual log on credentials and instructions. This email will allow you to access the Virtual conference platform and virtual conference session and content.

Language and translation
The official language of the Conference is English.

Registration Customer Service 

For any further queries or technical support contact the registration team via
Registrations are only accepted online. We do not accept registrations via email or telephone. If you are having any difficulties whilst registering, please contact the SIOG 2021 Registration Customer Service via

Payment terms
Credit card
Credit card payment (in EUR only) is the preferred method of payment. The following credit cards are accepted as part of the online registration process: VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Please note that your credit card will directly be charged at the moment of transaction.

Bank transfer
Any bank charges by local or intermediate bank must be borne by the remitter. Deadline for payment by bank transfer is October 1, 2021. After October 1, 2021, any outstanding amounts must be paid by credit card only. Clearly indicate the name of the participant(s) and SIOG 2021 registration number on the remittance slip/reference text.

Bank: UBS (35, rue des Noirettes, CH-1227 Carouge/Geneva, Switzerland)
Account No: 759 476.60C
In the name of: SIOG, MIE 2, Chemin de Balexert 7-9, 1219 Châtelaine - Switzerland
Sort code: 240
IBAN: CH62 0024 0240 7594 7660C

Payment deadlines and conditions
Full payment must be received before the corresponding deadline. After the deadline exprires, your registration will be no longer valid.

Replacement and cancellation policies
Any replacement (i.e. change of participant’s name) of a confirmed registration is subject to a 50 EUR administration fee per participant.

Your registration will be confirmed by email once we receive your full payment. Cancellation of registration will be accepted until September 4, 2021, up to which date the registration fee will be refunded with a 50,00 EUR deduction for administrative expenses. For cancellations received on and after September 4, 2021, the registration fee will be non-refundable.

In the event of serious, special or unforeseen circumstances beyond SIOG's control and other than Force Majeure, the organiser shall not be entitled to seek compensation for any costs or damages incurred other than the registration fees paid to SIOG which will be reimbursed to the registrant.

Double payment/over payment
In case of double payment or over payment, an administrative fee of 50 EUR is applicable on your refund.

What does my fee include?

- Access to the virtual platform and on-demand sessions until January 31st, 2022.
- Access to the virtual exhibition area and poster sessions.


Where circumstances oblige the organisers of the SIOG 2021 Virtual Annual Conference to cancel the conference in part or whole, the liability of the organisers is limited to a refund of registration fees paid in part or whole.

Personal data

By registering for the SIOG 2021 Annual Conference, participants are aware that SIOG will collect and use personal data to keep them informed about the Conference and other SIOG activities. Participants will be able to change their preferences and to opt out via the “Update my Profile” button in the registration portal. Data is collected with the purpose of managing the event. Data may be shared with the hosting societies and session chairs for the same purpose. By providing your event badge to third party exhibitors at the event, participants explicitly consent to the transfer of their identification and contact data to such exhibitor for research and direct marketing purposes. If participants do not want to share data to exhibitors, they should not provide their badge for scanning at the booth.

The Organiser will protect the personal data of participants and undertake all necessary measures for their security. Data will be collected by the organizer and exclusively used as described above and will not be made available to third parties. Exhibitors and sponsors do not rate as third parties but are nevertheless subject to the above regulations.

A participant can revoke the use of their data for purposes of information about SIOG at any time in writing to the registration team and be removed from any SIOG 2021 Annual Conference related communications via 

All pictures taken by SIOG during the SIOG 2021 Annual Conference, may be used by SIOG on the SIOG website, SIOG newsletter, and other SIOG promotional material. No individual portrait picture will be taken without the participant’s consent. Participants posing for pictures agree to give SIOG the right to use them.

Contact Us/Registration enquiries

SIOG 2021 Conference Secretariat
New Way Management
Le Cube, 7 Avenue Michel Chevalier
06130 Grasse

SIOG 2021 Scientific Committee


Holly Holmes,
Kwok-Leung Cheung,


Nicolo Matteo Luca Battisti,
Raúl Córdoba Mascuñano,
Nienke de Glas,
The Netherlands
Ravindran Kanesvrana,
Theodora Karnakis,
Melissa Loh,
Isacco Montroni,
Lucinda Morris,
Martine Puts,

Scientific Programme

The conference theme is: "Geriatric Oncology: the Past, Present and Future".

The scientific programme will cover the following 5 tracks:
Track 1: Solid tumours and basic science
Track 2: Hematologic malignancies and basic science
Track 3: Supportive and palliative care
Track 4: Geriatric assessment
Track 5: Other

The SIOG 2021 Virtual Annual Conference Searchable Programme is now avaibale. Click here to access it.

Geriatric Assessment Workshops

These workshops are intended for physicians, nurses and other allied health professionals aiming to increase their knowledge and skills in conducting comprehensive geriatric assessments, commonly used tools and their implementation in daily practice.
In a station rotation model, delegates will be invited to small group discussions focusing on one of the domains of the comprehensive geriatric assessment to practice assessment skills by using cases.

The workshops will be will be held on November 4, 2021 and November 5, 2021 and will be priced at 35 Euros per workshop. 
Seats are limited and will be available on a first come – first served basis.
Important: Different geriatric domains and tools will be discussed on each each day.

By the end of the workshop, learners will have the knowledge and skills to assess older adults, use these assessments to guide treatment decision-making, and identify geriatric issues that need interventions to optimise health and function. The workshop will also address challenges and barriers in performing these assessments in clinical practice, and ways to increase implementation (e.g.: using technology, workflow).

These workshops are intended for physicians, nurses and other allied health professional who want to increase their knowledge and skills in the conduct of comprehensive geriatric assessment, commonly used tools and how to use them in your daily practice. You will focus on one of the domains of the comprehensive geriatric assessment to practice your assessment skills by using cases.
Three workshops will be held in parallel on 4th November 2021 from 19:30 – 20:30 CET and will be ticketed - 35 Euros per workshop. Seats are limited and will be attributed on first come – first served basis.

Geriatric assessment workshop 1 - Physical function
Chair: Martine Puts (CA)

  1. Geriatric screening tools (e.g.: VES-13, Geriatric 8) - Michelle Hannan (IE)
  2. Physical Performance Batteries (e.g.: SPPB, TUG, gait speed, grip strength) - Schroder Sattar (CA)
  3. Functional status (e.g.: ADL, IADL, falls) - Lisa Cooper (US)

Geriatric assessment workshop 2 - Calculators to use for  treatment decisions
Chair: Sukeshi Arora (US)

  1. Chemotherapy toxicity calculators (CARG, CRASH, MAX2) - Enrique Soto Perez de Celis (MX)
  2. Medications, polypharmacy, comorbidity (e.g.: BEERS, START/STOPP) - Kumud Kantilal (UK)
  3. Life expectancy calculators (e.g.: eprognosis) - Frederiek van den Bos (NL) 

Geriatric assessment workshop 3 - Social supports
Chair: Theodora Karnakis (BR)

  1. Cognitive assessments (e.g.: MOCA, MMSE, Mini-Cog) - Allison Magnuson (US)
  2. Psychological health (e.g.: GDS, GAD) - Virginia Sun (US)
  3. Social support - Kristen Haase (CA) 
  4. Nutritional status (e.g.: MNA, self-reported weight loss) - Gabor Liposits (DK) 

If you are looking to build maximum brand exposure within an international network of healthcare professionals in geriatric oncology, and increase traffic towards your products and services, the SIOG Annual Conference is not to be missed. 

Sponsorship opportunities at SIOG provide your institution with an international exposure, increasing visibility of your brand by directly reaching your target audience. We have a sponsorship package for you, no matter how big or small your company or budget. Browse through our sponsorship brochure or call us to create a custom package that will match your marketing goals. 

Not sure what you are looking for? Give us a call at +41 22 552 33 05 or email us, we’ll be happy to talk you through it.

SIOG 2021 is one of the leading conferences in geriatric oncology. Over the past 21 years, it has changed the landscape of treatment and care of older cancer patients. This must-attend conference will give you the opportunity to start a conversation on your abstract, and network with professionals and trainees from over 100 countries. Our virtual conference platform will offer an immersive attendee experience designed for enhanced interactivity. You can watch talks, engage within workshops, interact with virtual exhibitors, network with groups or individuals. When you attend, don’t forget to visit the SIOG lounge for the following opportunities:
  • Meet the experts
  • Meet the partners
  • Coffee breaks chat rooms, where you can meet peers and new SIOG members

SIOG Awards recognise SIOG members for their outstanding contributions and novel initiatives for advancing learning and knowledge in geriatric oncology. This year, the SIOG awards in recognition of excellence will be announced during the SIOG General Assembly. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend and find inspiration from the SIOG circle of 2021 award recipients.

SIOG Calabresi Award

The annual Paul Calabresi Award of the International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG) recognises a prominent expert in Geriatric Oncology for influential contributions in a scientific or policy implementation. The Paul Calabresi Award honours the memory of the first SIOG President, Dr Paul Calabresi. (Past award list may be accessed here)

- Must be a SIOG member
- Author of high impact scientific publications
- Significant influence in geriatric oncology policies
- Major contribution in the advancement of international collaborations for SIOG
- Outstanding and unconditional support to SIOG
- Not currently on the SIOG Board

The recipient receives a certificate and a free SIOG 2022 Annual Conference registration.


SIOG National Representative Award

The SIOG National Representative Award recognises SIOG members whose internationally commended work in geriatric oncology has helped to enhance the field of geriatric oncology in their country.

- Must be a SIOG member
- Must a be a SIOG National Representative
- Major contribution in the advancement of geriatric oncology in his/her country
- Outstanding and unconditional support to SIOG (promotion of SIOG, encouraged new people to become SIOG members…)

The recipient receives a certificate and a free SIOG 2022 Annual Conference registration.


BJ Kennedy award for best e-poster

The BJ Kennedy award for best e-poster will be selected amongst the e-posters presented during the SIOG 2021 Virtual Annual Conference.

The recipient receives a certificate and a free SIOG 2022 Annual Conference registration.


SIOG NAH Scholarship

Nurses and allied health (NAH) workers are leading the transformation to build inclusive health systems whereby nurses and allied health professionals are adequately trained to serve as important liaisons between clinicians and social service systems.  The SIOG Nursing and Allied Health (NAH) Scholarship recongises the importance of supporting NAH professionals through educational opportunities and access to the most recent and up to date clinical data and findings in geriatric oncology.

- Must be a NAH professional and/or a member of SIOG
- Preferably from Low-Middle Income Countries (LMICs)
- Outstanding quality of work and significant contributions in geriatric oncology nursing and allied professions worldwide.

A total of 40 deserving SIOG NAH members will be awarded a registration fee to the SIOG 2021 Annual Conference.
A total of 13 deserving NAH professionals from LMICs will be awarded a SIOG NAH Membership for 1 year (2022).

This award is supported by Sanofi Genzyme for the enhancement of education and development of passionate NAH professionals working in the field of geriatric oncology.