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SIOG Auspices 2019 Reports

December 9-10 - Improving Outcomes in Elderly Patients With HPB Malignancies

The meeting "Improving Outcomes in Elderly Patients With HPB Malignancies" hosted in Manchester on  December 9-10, 2019 was a success with 140 delegates and 39 international speakers. Prominent UK clinicians with an interest in Geriatric Oncology contributed to this day-and-a-half meeting, assisted by well-known international experts.

The structure of this event could be used as a template for further meetings, allowing original presentations, disclosure of new data, round-tables and encouraging a lively debate.

The number of patients with HPB cancers attending new and follow-up clinics is increasing with 2 out of 3 patients aged greater than 60 years, and 1 in 3 over 80 years. This is unprecedented; the medical community, physicians, surgeons, nurses and managers are often ill-prepared on how to deal with this increasing demand. Progress has been made on how to assess older patients; in relation to risk assessment and/or life expectancy, with the aim of improving outcomes of treatment. Protecting the vulnerable patient from over-treatment, while making sure that those who are fit are given appropriate access to all therapeutic options, regardless of their anagraphic age, is imperative.