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SIOG Country Group - UK

The SIOG Country Group is a subset of the SIOG National Representatives and acts as an advisory group representing the national context and agenda of geriatric oncology programmes in each country. It provides specific recommendations and opinions and is formally lead and consulted by the SIOG NR on the SIOG Annual Work Plan. Its members act as an interface with relevant institutions, stakeholders in their countries. More specifically, the members:

  • Provide opinions on SIOG achievements, progress and efforts in the national contexts
  • Ensure the scientific priorities are in line with national research agenda
  • Look for potential synergies and prevent redundancy

The UK National Representative gathered the UK SIOG members who attended the annual conference in 2018 for an informal meeting for introductions, during a poster viewing session.  The group began the connection and formally convened at a meeting during the annual conference in 2019.  The idea of forming a country group (consisting of all SIOG members in the UK) received support from the SIOG Board and the group was officially established in 2020.The first teleconference of the group took place on 15th April 2020. 


The care of older cancer patients in the United Kingdom

Member List

Kwok-Leung Cheung
Giuseppe Banna
Nicolò Matteo Luca Battisti
Meera Chauhan
Laura Christian
Anthea Cree
Nicola de' Liguori Carino
Falalu Danwata
Carolina Diaz Miralles
Fábio Gomes
Monica Haydock
Kavita Kantilal
Kumud Kantilal
Alexandra Lewis
Michael Lind
Giuseppe Maltese
Sally Martin
Ruth Parks
Sophie Pilleron
Malcolm Reed
Lisa Rodgers
Richard Simcock
Eleanor Smith
Susan Williams-Jones


The SIOG Country Group - UK meets once a year at the SIOG Annual Conference and holds several virtual meetings during the year. For access to the meeting dates, agenda, other documentation, please contact the SIOG Head Office.