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Dr Oscar Calderón is the NR for Chile.

2009 Geriatrician.  University of Santiago de Chile-Chile
1998  Physician  School of Medicine University: Universidad del Rosario. Bogotá- Colombia

1. Geriatrician at Dr. Sotero del Río Hospital, Santiago, Chile. Chief of Home Hospitalization Unit from july 2015- present.
2. Geriatrician of the Oncogeriatrics unit in the Arturo López Pérez Oncology Institute (FALP).  Santiago, Chile
3. Geriatrician at Clínica Alemana de Santiago, Chile

I work first shift at Dr. Sotero del Río Hospital, a public hospital. I am currently in charge of the home hospitalization unit whit 300 patients, in which we have a large number of geriatric-oncology patients in active treatment and others in palliative care.

The second part of my day is dedicated to oncogeriatrics at the Clinica Alemana and Instituto Oncologico (FALP) in which we are implementing the oncogeriatric unit.  In the last year we have evaluated approximately 400 patients over 65