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A Meta-analysis of cetuximab-based chemotherapy in the management of older patients with mCRC

Limited Information is available for the use of cetuximab in older patients with RAS wild-type mCRC. Trials such as the TTD 04/01 (cetuximab alone) and 06/01 trials (cetuximab plus capecitabine) in mCRC patients ≥70 years, a pooled analysis of CRYSTAL and OPUS according to age, and a subgroup analysis of the NCIC CTG CO.17 trial according to age, suggest that for patients over 70 with a good performance status and/or without significant co-morbidities restricting cetuximab use is unjustified. A randomized, EORTC phase II study testing infusional 5-FU +/- cetuximab in older patients that would have potentially helped with additional data has unfortunately closed due to poor recruitement. More recent important randomized trials testing the use of cetuximab in the context of combination chemotherapy in mCRC have been presented either in abstract form or as full publications. These include COIN, COIN B, FIRE-3, CALGB 80405. A lot of patients over 70 have been included in these trials. It is therefore very likely that additional very useful information can be obtained by pooling data from all patients treated with cetuximab-based therapies in these trials to look at toxicity and efficacy outcomes for the over and under seventies.

Task Force Members  

Demetris Papamichael, Cyprus
Daniel Sargent, USA
Harpreet Wasan, United kingdom
Eric Van Cutsem, Belgium
Carsten Bokemeyer, Germany
Volker Heinemann, Germany
Alan Venook, USA
Claus-Henning Köhne, Germany
Gunnar Folprecht, Germany

This project is supported by an unrestricted grant from Merck Serono.